The untold story of the first alien encounter in a farmer's field

United States Missouri , November 23. Robertum Adam , a typical farmer who own lands and breed animals , is the first and only human in the whole history , who encountered , sawed , and photographed the first unknown creature that has appeared to this day on the Earth.

“I first though when i woke up is that this will be another day like all of the others. Usually when i wake up it's dark outside , i take my breakfast and i always go check the animals. When i did go out , i saw steps and it wasn't my animals steps , they were trapped in the enclosure there's no way they could have escaped. It was a really dark morning on this winter so i had to take my flashlight , i couldn't see really far , like 6 or 7 metters ahead, i then approached the enclosure until the thing was in front of me. At first i counldn't believe it , maybe i wasn't fully woke up , i then rubbed my eyes , again and again , it was still there starring at me and my flashlight right in his face. Submerged in panic i decided not to move, that may have saved my life. A Minute after we met and the humanoïd seemed annoyed by my presence , believe my words , he was so scared he jumped away really fast. The figure was like 11.8 feet tall.” He said.

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